Porcelain Countertops Design

Choose to apply porcelain countertops for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Porcelain is ideal material to create mixtures of colors and textures. Glazed, polished and unglazed are varieties of porcelain available in contemporary trends. The choice is yours to make since each one of them has its very own values. Porcelain is made of sand, clay […]

Modular Granite Countertops

Granite is one of best and favored material for countertops. Modular granite countertops have less expensive price that available in slabs and tiles. Yep, modular granite is not too high in price to spend. Strength is still featured by the granite for a hard and durable counter top. Easier to install makes home owners love […]

Best Linoleum Countertop Ideas

Unique colors and textures are possessed by linoleum. Today, linoleum countertops feature more than just great look but also versatility. Maintenance is needed to do regularly. Using linoleum on counter tops for kitchen is popular. Vintage style is featured but you can also find the modern versions of the material. Depth of color and pattern […]

Ceramic Countertop Ideas

Versatility ceramic countertop makes it applicable in different kitchens. Ceramic tile kitchen counter tops are always a rock star since a long time ago. Ceramic is a strong and durable option if properly maintained. Pros and cons of ceramic for kitchen and bathroom countertops should be learned so that able to create better look and […]

Countertop Support Brackets

Sleek and beautiful countertop support brackets should also be designed to hold the weight. Standard brackets for countertop supporting are important. Material, thickness, width, length and holes are playing essential roles in determining quality of countertops. A36 steel is best recommended material that strong and durable. This will make sure your convenience when doing kitchen […]

Polished Concrete Countertops

Create smooth surface for kitchen working with polished concrete countertops! To make appealing and aesthetic look of counter tops, polishing is one way. Blemishes can also be removed simply to make sure about better value of work surfaces in your kitchen. Concrete is strong and durable to become a great choice for kitchen countertops both […]

Best Painting Countertops

Painted countertops give brand new look and feel in your kitchen and bathroom. Before and after painting countertops, you can see to learn the influences. Different paint colors are available to choose from for a great look with durability based on current trends. Spray paint is applicable onto different types of materials to get brand […]

Recycled Paper Countertops

I love the uniqueness of recycled paper countertops! 100% recycled paper, natural pigments and PetroFree phenolic resin are combined in the making. Warmth both in appearance and feeling is one of the pros. Moisture imperviousness makes the paperstone free of bacteria growth. Other pros are easy to clean and practical. Practicality means about applicability to […]

Laminate Sheets For Countertops

Laminate has been around as one of favored materials for countertops. Laminate sheets for countertops have pros and cons to consider. Its cost is around $21.75 per square foot. Depth of color and pattern determines quality of laminate sheet to use for counter tops. Bringing back the old beauty of countertops is easy but with […]

Installing Resin Countertop

Create beautiful and durable kitchen resin countertops! Resin has solid surface for a strong countertops with a variety of colors and styles. Bathrooms are also popular with resin made counter tops. You can do a customization with resin to construct unique counter tops. Choosing to have an exact color of resin to build counter tops […]